Finishing & Warehouse

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T-shirt Tags/Hang Tags & UPC bar coding


We understand the importance of brand recognition and our skilled staff can ensure removal and re-labeling of your garments. Our staff has the experience to tackle the large variety of labels and placements. Hang tags are used to promote, inform, and bump your garment up to the next level in the eyes of consumers and retail buyers. We're in the business of helping you get noticed, and this is a great way to do so. At AOV we have folding and poly bagging procedures to ensure consistent presentation. Professional packaging can add implied quality to your product.


Fulfillment & Full Service Shipment


Fulfillment is the storage and distribution of product for our customers that don't have their own warehousing and shipping facilities. Customers with shipping & handling needs have the convenience of AOV’s reliable shipping department. Experienced with several modes of transportation and delivery speeds, our staff can handle local and national shipping of your freight. 


warehouse logistics


Through our custom built database, we can create a unique process specifically for your needs and company.  We offer online access to your inventory and can create customized reporting to track any information that you need. Once any product is received at our facility, we will receive it into our system. From there are can pull from inventory for any event or need and ship out around the United States. If you need it to go back in inventory with your logo, bag, bar code and any other features, we can do that too.Every company has different needs and we want to be able to meet your requirements.  Give us a call today to discuss your needs and any questions that you have.