Dedication to community, environment, relationship and technology. And we print an awesome T-shirt.


AOV maintains a strong reputation in the highly competitive screen printing, embroidery and promotional product industry. As we continue to grow, we maintain focus and attention to our customer needs. There are a lot of print and fulfillment companies out there, but you look for one that gives you the attention you deserve. When you are in the corporate and event industry, it’s not only about the quality and price of the product…it’s about peace of mind!!  

Our state-of-the art facility and equipment, paired with a dedicated staff is ready to meet your every need. Combine that with over 30 years of experience, there’s almost nothing we haven’t seen, or done.  We have created a fully integrated operation system to provide optimal service from order placement to delivery.

AOV continues to provide the highest standards of excellence, superior products and competitive pricing, while maintaining a dedication to social integrity and environmental responsibility.